We live in a relatively quiet neighborhood in Queens, NY. It’s one of the most family- friendly areas of New York City, with tree-lined streets, parks close by, and very good schools, including the one where Brad works and Leo attends. The area is also beautifully diverse. In fact, Queens is the most diverse location in the country, with almost every part of the world represented. Our multicultural family feels right at home here.

We rescued two adorable dogs who are amazing with children. Leo loves Sandy and Cal. He likes to try and snuggle with Sandy (the fluffy gray dog). Sandy is ten years old, a poodle/terrier mix, and a delightfully calm, caring companion. He’s very cuddly. Leo likes to horse around with Cal (the white one). Cal is a seven-year-old beagle mix with boundless energy and a loving disposition. Cal is the younger of the two and very rambunctious.

Travel has always been an important part of our lives. Both of us spent time studying in Europe (Brad in Prague, Raj in Geneva) and had traveled extensively around Europe, Asia, and Central America even before we met. When we lived in California, we often took weekend excursions to places like Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and San Diego. Now in New York, we look forward to trips to Cape Cod, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. We also love international travel and have visited Mexico, Peru, Aruba, Sweden, and Iceland together in recent years.

As a child, Brad also did many outdoor trips with his Dad. When Leo and his younger sibling are old enough, we hope to continue this camping, hiking, and backpacking tradition.

We have a beautiful, gregarious, kind and happy 4-year old son, Leo. We are eternally grateful to Leo’s amazing birth family.

We adopted him from birth, in October 2014. In 2016, the three of us moved from Los Angeles to New York, to be closer to family on the East coast.

Leo has reinforced every motivation we had to be parents. He calls Raj, “Papa; ”and, he calls Brad, “Daddy.” He has brought us so much joy and laughter. We are eager to welcome your child into our family for many reasons, but one of the most pronounced is our confidence that Leo will be a loving, protective, supportive big brother.


Adoring, Happily Married, TV Executive & Private School Director of Admission Yearn To Adopt, LOVE & Cherish Your Baby.

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​We met while we were in line waiting to try out for the TV show American Idol. We both love to sing. On our first date, we talked about how much we wanted to be fathers. Both of us valued our experiences as older siblings and wanted to expand on that background with a family of our own. That sort of conversation on a first date would have scared off many people, but for us, it was one of the clearest signs that we were a good fit together.

Together, we love children and we are adventurous, goofy, upbeat, and more than a little bit nerdy. We love to cook, try new restaurants, travel, and host friends for game nights. Brad enjoys baking, reading Russian literature and political blogs, and forcing Raj to watch classic movies. Raj enjoys eating Brad’s baking, yoga, reading contemporary fiction and pop culture blogs, listening to podcasts, and forcing Brad to watch current TV shows.

Raj grew up in a suburb of Philadelphia and moved to Los Angeles for graduate school. He began his career at Walt Disney Studios, moved to Marvel Studios and Marvel Television, and now works in International Programming at A+E Networks in New York.

Brad, meanwhile, is an LA native, but left for many years to live in Kansas and the San Francisco bay area. He graduated from law school in 2013, but decided to return to his roots in education, rather than becoming a lawyer. He is now the Director of Admission at a private school in New York.

We have a truly wonderful network of family and friends who play important roles in our lives. We hope and expect that they will be equally important to our child. We are lucky enough to have loved ones in many corners of the world, including Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and many other places. We are excited to traverse the world with Leo and your future child, and a large part of that excitement stems from taking the kids to meet all of the uncles, aunts, and cousins all around the world.

We are so grateful to you. We understand that when you decided to begin the adoption process, you made a compassionate and courageous decision to help a couple who are not able to have children of their own. We are so thankful that you did so and that you would consider blessing us with the child you are carrying.

You can, of course, learn a bit about us with the information in this profile. As the words suggest, if you generously choose us, your child will join a family that values diversity, new experiences, learning, and having fun. These are important parts of us and the life we’ve formed together.

But there is, of course, something far more important than the tangible realities of our home and family. As you make this monumental decision, please know that your child will be loved. We will love your little girl or little boy unconditionally and always. And if we do our job as a family properly, your child will never doubt that love.

Our promise to you is this: your child will always be cared for completely and thoughtfully. We will provide for him or her financially, creatively, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and however else is necessary to ensure that your child feels supported and loved.